PKF Demei and Criminal Justice College of ECUPL become a cooperator

Criminal Justice College of ECUPL (East China University of Political Science and Law)  is the most famous institute of criminal justice in China.In order to improve the immigration law of PRC, PKF Demei, the legal consulting department of PKF China and Criminal Justice College of ECUPL signed the cooperation agreement on May 8th, 2019.

The agreement is about cooperation between the two parties in four aspects, aiming at nurturing capable law students and improving the level of knowledge in terms of migration control, cross-border check, frontier defense management and safety.

First, in terms of improving the quality of party members, the two sides agreed to organize a wide variety of activities to foster the legal awareness of party members. Second, in terms of academic research, the two sides agreed to set up a platform and provide high-quality research papers to each other. Meanwhile, focus groups concerning each controversial topic of law will be formed and conference about topics of law will be held jointly and regularly. Third, in terms of nurturing talents in the legal field, PKF Demei promised to offer an agreed number of internships for students recommended by East China University of Political Science and Law.

Also, PKF Demei scholarships will be set up to support outstanding students for three years and talks about difficult topics of law will be organized to improve the knowledge of law students.

Given the rich resources of the two and the detailed cooperation plan, it is believed that the cooperation will be carried out in great success. We look forward to the extraordinary results of this plan.

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